Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Song and Serenade


  The sweet words you sent 
  Are as sweet as honey
  Though it took half a moon's time
  To reach this lips of mine
  It came and I'm full of smiles
  As I read your words
  From time to time


  I wallow in the springs of joy
  I lay on the clouds of happiness
  For my speech has gone home
  To be read by your beautiful eyes
  To be uttered in undertone
  By your lips as sweet as wine

  Oh those crimson lips of thine
  Sweeter than the sweetest wine
  With voice like a nightingale's 
  My song to be sang by you
  Is a serenade from the divine


The King assembled all the princes, all his councilors, all his advisers, all his generals and all the community and town leaders and even church leaders to assemble on the House of Ministers one autumn morning. The king is going to address all the officials of his kingdom about an important plan that he has conceived. Apparently, a great plan for his kingdom.

The day came and the king stood before all the officials of every branch of his kingdom.

"I, your great king, is addressing you today about a plan that i dreamed about months ago. After a diligent study and deliberation with my closest advisers, I am proud to announce that I will commence the implementation of my brilliant four year plan."

A warm applause from the hall. 

"This brilliant four year plan of mine, will bring this peasant kingdom out of peasantry into the world of industry! From poverty to being wealthy! From obscurity to certainty!"

"Yeah!" Shouted his subordinates with a thunderous applause.

"So, starting next month. All your farms and all your little companies will be turned to the state and be owned by the state! Your king has spoken and your king's word is law! That's all and have a good day to all of you." The king bowed and smiled to his subordinates as he waved past them.

At this time, all of the kings' subordinates mouth were in perfect "O" and they're rooted to their spot. Dumbstruck. 


                                     Back when "counter strike" was still the king of online RPG's, I was an addict of the said game. My friends and I used to roam around the city and play at any decent (means cheap, to us anyway) computer gaming shop. We sometimes even cut classes back in high school just to satisfy the irrepressible urge that's coming out of our metaphorical asses and cunts. Only to be quenched by the ever dripping and ever sweet sensation provided by shooting fellow addict's characters, stabbing them stealthily behind the back, sniping their characters' head off, throwing grenades when they're huddling for safety behind a crate or in a basement or blinding them with a flash bang grenade while watching them shoot blindly like crazy then stab them at the back! Oh! Those were the days! Oh my god! hahaha!

                                      One day, my friends and I went to a computer game shop at the city plaza. We were certain that we haven't been in this computer gaming shop because, none of us remember that we ever went. So, we went with our spirits so high. Looking for a worthy opponent. God, how the smirk on our faces looked when we saw that all the players in this computer game shop are pretty good. Man we were pumped!

We were gonna ask the cute lady manager which pc's are vacant and where would we sit when suddenly, she asked my friend, "Hey you, you're the one right? "

We all froze. My friend was startled and asked with a dumb look on his face, "Me?"

"Yes. You. You're the one who hasn't paid two weeks ago!" The lady manager said firmly.

My friends shrugged his shoulders, "What? But I'd never been here before."

"Have you really been here before?" I asked

"Have you?" Our other friends repeated.

"Of course not!" Our friend reiterated.

"Hey! Isn't this the guy who didn't pay two weeks ago?" Asked the lady manager to her assistant.

It just took a glance for the male assistant to recognize our friend, "Yes! That's definitely the one."

"You lying bastard! You owe us 4 hours of game time! Are you gonna pay now? Hey! Where are you going?" Yelled the manager.

Our friend suddenly took off and went running down the stairs three steps at a time without even warning us!

"Who's going to pay for his dues among you?

We all shrugged our shoulders, then looked at each other, then nodded. 

We all took off as fast as our fleet sets of feet could go!  Giggling loudly! And we could hear the manager yelling at us at the top of her lungs!


A smile when flashed
Will get back the years -
That has passed

Youthfulness then manifests
From the heart that feels -
Eternally young

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Heaven so dull
Heaven so gray
Heaven so full
Ain't you burst and fall -
I hope
For thy weight is -

Monday, June 18, 2012


Fleeting thoughts in a lonely slumber,
                              Blank space staring at.
Knots and cramps in the insides, --
Gnawing the walls of the grinder's wall.
Burn and sourness, --
Together are worse.

Wandering around space of dark and gloom,
                                 Going ahead seeing none.
Seeing no lights in all directions, --
Afeard in every step for holes are there.
Tingling and pounding, --
Anxiety is weighing.

Weariness' weight is killing Atlas' trunk,
                                    Helding the heavens eternally.
Heracles' endured his twelve plagues, --
Boldly with his superhuman strength and heart.
Tenaciousness and decisiveness, --
Weariness get beat.             


The land of few words
Articulate in being sullen, -- The men.
                   Open their mouths they did,
If necessary. 
Taciturn they were, -- if warranted.

If questions were answered, -- "If".
                     Few words spoken defines,
Men they say.
Tongue fluids ain't go to waste, -- on empty words.